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  • The most comfortable travel shoe ever

    The most comfortable travel shoe ever!

    If you are like most women, you have many pairs of shoes in your closet but when it comes to a shoe for going on vacation the assortment shrinks considerably. Of course, we all have that beat up pair of sneakers that we can count on, but cropping your feet out of your vacation photos is a pain.  Women have been known to tolerate a fairly high pain threshold to look good. but who wants that hassle.  Any modern woman needs a shoe that falls in the feels-great-and-looks-awesome category.  I am talking about the kind where your feet are forgotten after you slip them on. These types of shoes are harder to come by and that is why we created the BENDY.

    The BENDY is stylish like a flat and as comfortable as a sneaker. Women who discover the BENDY usually come back from more colors for the next season.

    Here are some reasons the BENDY is so comfy:

    1.  Super Flexible bottom.

    2. Shock absorbing rubber soles.

    3. Cushioned footbed.

    4. Buttery soft Italian leather upper.

    What to learn more? Click here

    a modern, comfortable shoe with a lower carbon footprint BENDY by Ashbury Skies


    Liza from Scaling Good on vacation in New Orleans Liza from Scaling Good on vacation in New Orleans





  • Our wish for 2020

    new years quote


    With the new year upon us, we are calling you all to action. This year, let's hold the fashion industry accountable for the products they make. Let's ask our favorite brands: Who made your shoe and clothing? Let's ask them : Where did your materials come from and what conditions were they made in. Let's ask our favorite brands: How have you reduced your CO2 footprint?

    Sadly, fashion is one of the biggest contributors of climate pollution, second only to the shipping and transportation industries. Let's change this!

    When we created the BENDY we asked ourselves all of these questions. We proudly make the BENDY in our home state of California and support a community of local shoe makers. We look at every material through a critical lens.  Learn more about BENDY here


    a modern, comfortable shoe with a lower carbon footprintmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women BENDY by Ashbury Skies

  • DIY Planet Friendly Gifts


    DIY cork trivet Sustainable gift idea: Cork trivet


    Let's face it,  holiday giving is fueled by mass consumerism, but we think times are a changin. Rushing to a mall to get a gift that is mass produced overseas, with no concern for the the carbon footprint, made by men and women making pennies on the dollar, is no way to show your appreciation to a dear friend or loved one.  As more and more of us learn about the true cost of mass consumerism, we think alternatives and  a new world order will prevail.

    Here is a simple way to make gift giving greener and  more sustainable. Our co-founder, Caroline, save corks throughout the year and makes planet friends trivets for gifts. This cork trivet is a great gift to make with your kids (or not) and is planet friendly.

    You need:

    1. Corks

    2. Adjustable metal bands (available from hardware stores)

    3. Glue gun


    1. Hot glue the corks together to form a circle.

    2. Take your metal strap tie, and secure it around the corks. That’s it!

  • A comfortable shoe for women: BENDY


    a modern, comfortable shoe with a lower carbon footprint Most comfortable shoe: BENDY


    We set out to create the most comfortable, stylish shoe possible. The BENDY is  a modern, comfortable shoe and very travel-friendly. We considered all of these critical elements when designing the BENDY.

    Upper material. We knew this was essential to comfort. We chose leather because its breathable, durable and molds to your foot. It is an excellent material for a  shoe because the more you wear a leather shoe, the more comfortable it will become over time.  Your will avoid blistering and foot odor with high quality leather shoes. The Bendy is made of luxurious, buttery soft Italian leather.  There is no break in period.

    Flexible bottom.  A comfortable shoe should be flexible. Pick up a shoe and twist and bend it.  It needs to have some give. The BENDY was designed with this in mind. Throughout the day your foot moves in many directions and you don’t want your foot fighting with a shoe that is too structured.

    Shock absorption bottom. This is very important if you are walking all day. The BENDY has a rubber sole for optimum absorption.

    Insoles/footbeds. The BENDY has a foot bed like the type you would find in a high performance running shoe. Besides being breathable it provides support and cushioning to the foot.  Because it molds to the foot, it prevents chafing and blistering.

    Styling. The bendy is part sneaker, part flat. It  has many comfort features like a sneaker but the upper is more dressed up. The bendy works with denim or trousers  and casual dresses with our without tights.

    Shop BENDY

  • Slow things down this holiday

    Slow things down this holiday. Skip the crowds, bake with friends, phone an old friend. When you need something, choose responsibly made products. Our shoes are made ethically in sunny California, we ensure that fair wages, safe working conditions and no child labor is used in making the BENDY. We support a community of shoe makers in our home state. Shop BENDY

    a modern, comfortable shoe with a lower carbon footprint BENDY

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