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  • Getting Cozy in the BENDY: our made in California sneaker alternative

    Women are crushing on the BENDY shoe. This modern, stylish comfortable shoe has become a favorite of women looking for a sneaker alternative. The BENDY is stylish like a flat but as comfortable as a sneaker.  The BENDY is made in California  :) This week would be a great time to try the BENDY as we are offering $20 to try it. Enter code BLACK at check out. Shop here

    A modern, comfortable shoe. BENDY shoe



  • Fall Vibes in the BENDY : introducing our reclaimed leather program

    Our modern comfortable shoe, BENDY has transitioned into fall. Our latest color is brown suede with an embossed snake leather back. This BENDY version uses reclaimed leather for the embossed snake leather. Reclaimed leathers are often returned for being the wrong color or production over runs that are no longer needed. We reclaim these leathers and use in our limited edition BENDYs.

    The BENDYs are stylish like flats and as comfortable as sneakers. The BENDY is handcrafted in California and more simply made so it has a lower carbon footprint.

    Shop here

    Best shoe for walking through airportsmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women

    why the bendy is more ethical
  • It’s time to rethink how shoes are made

    mary sue and caroline at the hayes street sustainable fashion maket

    We know and love shoes. We have spent our entire careers in the footwear industry and witnessed radical change over the past 20 years in how shoes are distributed and sold. Little evolution, however, has occurred in how shoes are sourced and made.

    The fashion industry has sacrificed the planet, and in many cases, the well-being of workers for the bottom line. A majority of consumers are not yet aware of fashion's negative impact on our planet and as this story unfolds, more and more are becoming wiser to these practices and will be looking for alternatives.

    footwear quote 1


    We believe the footwear manufacturing process needs to be turned inside out. Brands of the future will be rooted in ethical and sustainable sourcing. Makers and suppliers must solve these problems. One hundred percent cost driven decisions must be replaced with ones that consider the source of raw materials, environmental waste, water consumption, carbon emissions and worker safety.

    Material choices matter. Each raw material needs to be looked at through a critical lens. How a component is made, what it is made of, who made it and its carbon emission score card all must hold as much power as the look and the cost. Innovation in materials is critical and it is clear, only a very small amount is being found at footwear material and supplier shows.

    Designing for the future will be one of conscious designing, one that moves away from resource demanding materials in favor of ones that are less of a strain on the planet. As important will be the selection of factories that not only consider worker safety, but the usage of energy and water in their production process.


    BENDY: most comfortable shoe

    Challenges in modern shoe making 

    Chemical pollution is one of the biggest challenges in modern footwear manufacturing. The current processes at both shoe manufacturers and material producers are chemical intense. Now is the time to insist suppliers reduce and replace chemicals that can cause harm to people and the planet. These are big challenges and will not be easy to change but the problem solvers of the future will tackle these as our industry's environmental footprint is derived from these practices.

    Replacing strong glues and additives is the most challenging sustainability tasks in shoe production. We need to challenge adhesive makers to develop non-toxic, functional alternatives. For the BENDY, we choose a stitched construction rather than a cement construction to reduce chemical exposure.

    Excess waste must be considered as well. Consideration of material usage and cutting as well as having a well thought out plan for production waste can reduce a shoe’s overall footprint. Often times, just asking the question and brainstorming solutions can spur positive results as we recently experienced ourselves with our insole board supplier for the BENDY. By changing the two piece digital files for cutting the insole board patterns, we were able to eliminate 75% of the total waste.

    As an industry, it is our responsibility to ask the right questions and hold raw material manufacturers, suppliers and factories accountable to create the radical change necessary. We need to push ourselves to create and offer consumers footwear that is designed to last while being ethically made. It is encouraging to note that design students around the globe are already turning toward sustainability and technology coursework at Universities.

    Companies in the win category will need to challenge footwear’s current model and deliver products that are not damaging to the planet or inhumane to the men and women making them. As we brought the BENDY to market, we considered these elements.

    Mary Sue and Caroline are footwear industry veterans and co-founders of the BENDY by Ashbury Skies, an ethically made shoe, handcrafted in California. Their vision for the BENDY is to create and source a suite of stylish and ethically made products.


  • How is the BENDY ethical?

    a modern comfortable shoe, made in the USAmarysue | Indie Shoe Blog for Women A Modern, Comfortable, ethically made shoe: BENDY


    We consider multiple factors in the ongoing search for ethical and sustainably manufactured materials. By selecting suppliers such as a leather tannery with awards for sustainable tanning, to a footbed with 32% eco-content and an insole board made of cardboard where we went from initially having 20% waste to 5% waste, we are very deliberate in reviewing all aspects of our supply chain to create the most ethical product possible.

    When choosing where we make our shoes, we also review product quality, speed to market, reduced environmental impact and ethical conditions for the workers. This is why we selected a factory in the United States versus one overseas. We believe in a hands on approach with our factory partners.

    We will continue to make product enhancements and provide transparency in communication with our customers by keeping you informed of improvements every step of the way.

    Shop BENDY

  • BENDY shoe: another reason it is more ethically made

    Our box is made 100% post-consumer and post-industrial content. It is fully recyclable and biodegradable. Our box maker is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Made locally made in the United States, the BENDY box is designed with simplicity and sustainability in mind so our shipping box and shoe box are an “all-in-one”. This reduces waste by 40%.  That's good stuff and it is why are are different the other shoe makers. We are proud to be creating a shoe that is kinder on our planet. Shop BENDY here

    a more ethically made shoe BENDY by Ashbury Skies

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