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Irregular Choice 'Cherry Dear', blue
  • Irregular Choice 'Cherry Dear', blue
  • Irregular Choice 'Cherry Dear', blue
  • Irregular Choice 'Cherry Dear', blue
  • Irregular Choice 'Cherry Dear', blue
  • Irregular Choice 'Cherry Dear', blue
Cherry Deer

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Irregular Choice reinvented this famous childhood, doe-eyed charmer in their limited edition shoe collection this season. The ridiculously adorable Cherry Deer is ideal for frolicking about in the forest or the city. This is another completely original shoe by this uber talented London designer.

  • Deer print upper, with cherry ornaments
  • Man-made lining
  • Man-made sole
  • 4-inch heel, resin painted fawn heel, 2/3-inch hidden platform.
  • Imported

Runs a 1/2 size small.

This is our normal, suggested US conversion but we think this shoe runs a half size small so consider this when selecting your size;

36:6, 37:6.5, 38:7.5, 39:8.5, 40:9, 41:10, 42:11

I was fortunate at a young age to be able to find something that I could be passionate about and make a living from.

- Dan Sullivan, designer Irregular Choice


Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Follow this guide when selecting your BENDY size:

U.S. Size Order size
Inches Centimeters
5.5 5.5 8.8"  22.2 cm
6  6 8.9"  22.5 cm
6.5  6 9.1"  23 cm
7  7 9.3"  23.5 cm 
7.5  7 9.4"  23.8 cm
8 8 9.5"  24.1 cm
8.5 8 9.7"  24.6 cm
9 9 9.9" 25.1 cm
9.5 9 10.0"  25.4 cm
10 10 10.2" 25.9 cm
10.5 10 10.3" 26.2 cm
11 11 10.5" 27.1 cm

Customer Reviews

awesome Review by Miss Q.  (Posted on 4/25/2016)
Nice shoes!!!
Worth the pain Review by Heatherann1055  (Posted on 3/14/2016)
The heel on this is pretty high and the platform does not offer much in the way of cushion so these shoes are NOT made for walking! That said, they are probably the cutest shoes I own and they definitely bring in the compliments when I wear them! The fit is great and they were delivered super fast!
Outrageous and Stunning in equal measure! Review by Robin  (Posted on 3/14/2016)
Great shoes, fantastic quality and a perfect size fit! Head turning footwear, incredible service, speedy delivery. What more could an online shopper ask for?
For Wide Feet By a Bigger Size/ Bunions Take Magnesium Review by queenbeetv  (Posted on 2/23/2016)
Hi, I love Irregular Choice shoes and I have 5 pairs. 3 ice cream Moocher pumps (different colorways) and the sky and cloud and rainbow pumps and the beating heart heal red valentine pumps. I, have wider feet, and so I buy one size larger than I wear.

I wear a US 8.5 on my right foot and a US 9 on my left foot, so I buy a US 10 with the Irregular Choice high heels. A US 10 is a UK 7 and an EU 41.

My ice cream front Moochers pumps are EU 40s / US 9 and they are not near as comfy as the last two irregular choice I have which are EU 41s/ US 10.

I think this is the case with all high heeled shoes, that you should buy at least one size larger and then if the high heel is extremely thin and pointy toed, you should buy 1 1/2 size larger than your flat footed shoe size.

Also go to a shoe store and measure your feet and you might find that one of your feet is larger than the other (like me, my left foot is 1/2 inch/ 2.54 cms longer, and a bit wider too)

Most people try shoes on on their right foot and never consider that their left foot might be smaller or larger (my case). You have to buy shoes for your larger foot and then pad the other shoe for your smaller foot.

I always bought shoes that fit my right foot, not realizing that my left foot was larger, so the shoes were always too tight for my left foot, and it is that foot that I have a bunion on because the shoes did not fit properly. So now I buy shoes for my left and pad the right shoe for my smaller right foot.

I also try to buy sling back pumps when possible since the strap in the back can adjust for different foot lengths, although one will still probably need the shoe to be a bit larger to accommodate for possible increased width of a longer foot.

Another thing to do to reduce bunions and bone spurs is take a well absorbed liquid magnesium chloride supplement like Trace Minerals Research "Mega Mag" ionic liquid magnesium chloride. Take it as directed and with orange juice because it tastes bad, but it helps prevent the accumulation of calcium deposits (bone spurs) and bunions on the feet bones.

Too small shoes irritate the foot and then the body sends out excess calcium to the area in a fight or flight response to the irritation. Taking this well absorbed magnesium supplement helps keep these calcium deposit accumulations to a minimum. (and no I don't get paid to say this. I am just a person who is prone to calcium deposits on my bones and this has helped me.)

At any rate, go measure your feet with one of those metal devices.

Write down exactly the size in both cms and inches and buy your shoes for the larger foot and pad the shoe for the smaller one.

And for high heels, buy one size larger than your largest foot.

And for pointy toed skinny high heels buy 1 1/2 sizes larger since they tend to be more narrow inside.

As for high heel sandals, you can probably buy your "flat foot" shoe size and maybe even 1/2 size smaller, since the open area of the sandals will give your foot more leeway.

Also, when looking at sizes on size charts, it is most accurate to go by European sizing which is not arbitrary and basically the actual length of your foot in centimeters. All shoe sizing should be done this way. No arbitrary vanity sizing that can result in a poor fit and damaged or injured feet. I also have type 1 diabetes, so I cannot afford to damage my feet as it might result in an amputation, so proper shoe sizing is not just a comfort issue, but can be a matter of life and death.

So if you buy the proper size for yourself in high heels, then you wont feel pain in your toes next to your little toe and you won't get a bunion on your big toe and the metatarsal of your big toe.

You still will however have middle toe (next to big toe) metatarsal discomfort as this is the main area where most of your body weight rests when you wear high heels. Shoes should be made then with more padding in this area and also the shoe box should be made sloped down in this area and then sloped up where the toes are and this can also help lessen middle toe metatarsal body weight pressure by distributing the body weight more evenly across the whole front of the foot.

And, this message is to Irregular Choice itself. Many women know this about buying larger sizes in high heels, and the most popular foot sizes for women are 8-9 US, 39-40EU, and if the women are buying high heels, then they are going to go up one size and buy 40-41EU and Irregular Choice, you are not making enough of these sizes. You need to make more 40s, 41s, and 42s. People are getting bigger and their feet are now bigger too. And I am always shopping for Irregular Choice and the 42's and 41's are always sold out and there are always 37s, 38s and 39s left. Wake up and look at buying patterns. It's not fair that us average and slightly larger and larger footed women should have to go without our favorite Irregular Choice Shoes.
pretty obessed Review by laura  (Posted on 9/20/2015)
words can't explain. I am in love. So completely adorable. Even better in person!!!
Lovely shoe Review by ShoeGal  (Posted on 9/20/2015)
I've been in search of these shoes for what seems like the longest time...and now they're mine. So happy! The only downside and a departure from the usual IC character Mary Jane's is the low vamp and high platform. With my wide feet and bunion combo (nice), it's a tad painful. But I'm sure they will give a little with wear! Can't fault the service. Super quick delivery to the UK. Happy & lucky girl.

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